MacDonald releases Optional Menu personalized service of tou

Author: Jassway | Time: 01-07,2017
On 9th December, after experiencing another disappointing finance quarter, the world’s largest fast food chain McDonald finally can not sit still, and quickly launched the Optional Menu personalized services.

OnThe pilot project named Creat Your Taste was just carried out at small part of the McDonald’s restaurant in California. However, McDonald has announced that the service would be rapidly extended to 2000 shops next year, it means that one seventh McDonald shop offer snack mix services according to customers’preferences.

In the coming future, McDonald will extended Optional Menu services to 30 shops located in Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

McDonald makes use of touch screen ordering station to make Hamburg for customers according to their own preferences, customers’s choice range from bread type, spices to cheese types etc. , and the choice of appropriate ingredients also can be made with just one touch.