In order to serve our customers better, safeguard customers’ legitimate rights and interests and immediately solves their problems of after-sales, we work out a after-sales services flows as follows:

1. Email services
Our services email is:, if there is any question or problem on the products, please email us and tell us what the problems are and then we will email you back with solution.

2. Telephone services
Our service telephone number is: +86 755 3356 1698, when our services department receives your calling and there are some minor problems, the technician will guide you to solve them via telephone; if the problem a bit severe, please tell us product batch and serier number, then we will make a solution within 6 hours andl call you back the solution.

3. Parts replacement service
After receiving the feedback from the customers that the products are in malfunction or in a failure of working, but the technician can not solve the trouble by telephone, in such a case, we will negotiate with the customers and confrim that their person has the ability to replace parts on their own, then we will provide them with the parts (parts costs shall be borne by the customer after guarantee time ) and guide them through telephone to make a parts replacement and make sure them work normal. Customers should return the replaced parts to our company or after-sales service office.

4. Factory repair services
When the product problems can not be solved in the attempts of telephone guidance and parts replacement or there is some difficulty in parts replacement, the customers can return the product to the our factory or our repairing outlet for maintenance. The services department or repairing outlet will test the product and inform customer the testing results by telephone or fax. Our services department will repair the product within 7 working days if it is in warranty period and deliver it back to the customer by express or by air. If our factory can not repair within a week, then we will call the customer for consultation and in the case of failure, we will deliver the spare products to the customer, If the product is not in warranty period or the problem is caused by cusomer, our services department will inform customer the testing result and the price of parts to replace, if the customers accept replacement, we will repair the product and deliver it back to the customer, but the freight of back and forth should be paid by esteemed customer, if customer can not accept the maintenance cost, we will send the product back and the freight should be paid by customer.

5. Door-to-door services
When the customer products is in a failure, our technician will arrive on site for maintenance if the above-mentioned four ways can not solve the problems or other reasons ( Product volume is too big and the transportation safety can not be guaranteed.)